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Your ideas, your feedback, your priority – Our mission.

Introducing the uservoice-portal is a great new way for us to get even deeper to the core of customer requirements & needs. We receive various customer feedback, mostly however on the basis of confusion or in time of need. Spontaneous feedback for enhancements, hot ideas out of context or nice-to-have add-ons that pop in our user’s heads eventually go astray. These however are the – supposedly minor - details we substantially build our basic principles on: We want to develop products the user desires. But how do we know exactly, what you desire?

The engidesk uservoice portal allows for the customer to actively participate in making our product better. We can now listen live and directly to what you have to criticize or suggest concerning engidesk – and react immediately. engidesk GmbH has kept up a dynamical product development road map from the start – chiefly influenced by the voices of our customers. The newly introduced uservoice portal takes the feedback system to a whole level. Users can actively address so called “tickets” with improvement requirements and feature suggestions etc. directly to our software developers and administrators. The publicly available online portal engages engidesk users to put up new ideas or vote on existing customer voices and wishes with one click.

Hence, (potential) engidesk users may follow and particularly shape the technological road map of the software. You decide what’s next in line. Have a look at what and how the community demands and try it out!

Posted by Lars Lambrecht on April 24, 2015