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Engineers Get Their First Tools Marketplace Thanks to New engidesk Launch

Over the last 24 months, engidesk has developed and evolved its development platform for technical applications enough to find engaged users all over Europe and the US. It is commonly estimated that engineers that are using our platform - either alone or collaboratively in their team - save as much as 5x in development time. This is substantial and plays a key role in reducing cost, risk and - most importantly - time to market.

The engidesk platform combines the key functionality of connecting all the different development tools like excel, matlab, .net, etc. with the ability of easily customizing ones application's grafical user interface (UI) without writing a single line of code, performing advanced analytics or connecting with the M2M world (aka the Internet of Things or IoT), which includes the web, machines, sensors and industrial equipment.

Businesses use the engidesk platform to rapidly develop connected technical solutions ranging from part dimensioning, cost engineering to remote monitoring as well as "larger" Internet of Things applications such as machine data logging or machine data processing.

So it is certainly of great interest for all already using our ecosystem that we extended the engidesk platform by a new "Publishing Area". It is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of the efforts we have put behind not only in building out the platform but in assembling an ecosystem where pre-build components (tools) or apps can be used to reduce the complexity and to speed up the development process.

Thus, the engidesk Publishing Area is, at its core, a global platform that enables developers and technical experts to build value-added technical solutions or IoT/M2M components and make them available to a broad range of companies. These can copy, edit and use the content from the Publishing Area as a basis for own applications they want to develop or as a quick solution for their business' needs. The engidesk Publishing Area will continue to build on engidesk's business mantra of delivering ongoing breakthroughs by further reducing those critical competitive things we noted above - cost, time, risk and effort it takes to build connected technical applications.

As the Publishing Area grows, developers will be able to assemble the bulk of their applications from a global catalog of prebuilt and tested components, speeding the development process and improving application quality. The engidesk Publishing Area puts on the table a wide range of components and services that are required for innovative technical applications ranging from simple engineering tools to solve specific tasks up to pre-build components and apps for the Internet of Things.

These components include advanced technical solutions, analytics, application templates, device connectors, protocol adapters and integrations to device clouds, enterprise systems and big data stores. They are built by engidesk, engidesk partners, independent software vendors, and third party developers. It is born, clearly, of engidesk's efforts in building partnerships to industry experts, universities and publishing houses to expand the platform ecosystem.

We at engidesk believe that the new Publishing Area will provide value to all members of the value chain.

These include:

  • Enterprise Customers: It is possible for enterprise customers to deploy private instances of the Publishing Area, which will simplify sharing of internally developed applications, application templates, analytics, visualisations and services.

  • Engidesk Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Partners:All partners that deliver engidesk in a PaaS model will be able to deploy a private labelled instance of the Publishing Area, which will simplify sharing of partner specific applications and know-how.

  • Publishing Area Vendors: engidesk Publishing Area represents a unique opportunity to make intellectual property available to customers to share on a global basis, offering new ways to promote and monetise their offerings.

  • Engidesk Platform Users: All users will have access to a growing source of (mainly open source) expert knowledge, to build prototypes or complete technical solutions not in weeks but in hours.

There is a common word that appears across each of the above - "share." It is this sharing - whether amongst employees, customers and partners within an enterprise or through global partners - we believe that is the key to our customers' success. Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder, director of the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design SLA (an engidesk partner) certainly makes this clear in noting, "As an engidesk Partner, we are excited about the release of the engidesk Publishing Area. With the engidesk Platform, we already had the possibility to create a "common denominator" for (so far unused) institute know-how that has accumulated over years and decades. The Publishing Area provides us with a venue to share that know-how with industrial partners with only a few clicks. A great new feature for any carrier of knowledge."

The engidesk Publishing Area is available for engidesk users since November 2015. In Q1 2016 a connection between the Publishing Area and github, a major web based file hosting provider and revision control system will be added.

Posted by Lars Lambrecht on Dezember 18, 2015