Your ecosystem for the design and analysis of composite structures

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A powerful modelling and analysis ecosystem for composite materials in a revolutionary software interface: Within the engidesk composite ecosystem you can either use pre-build apps or choose the tools you need and connect them with a few clicks to model exactly what you need.

Featured Tools

Linear and nonlinear stiffness, strain and stress analysis

(Composite advanced analytics toobox)

  • According to VDI-Guideline 2014

  • Consideration of material non-linearities and degradation

  • Variable and residual load components

  • Automatic calculation of the neutral plane

Thick tubes under axisymmetric stress states

  • Axial load

  • Torsional load

  • Inner and outer pressure

  • 3d stress calculations

Sandwich failure prediction

  • Elastic buckling in bending and shear

  • Face wrinkling

  • Intra-cell dimpling

Finite Element Analysis

  • Ready to use pre-build apps

  • Build up from composite experts

  • Many common simulation scenarios (beams, tubes, plates,...)

An increasing number of free tools and apps are available via the engidesk publishing area.

They can be copied, edited and used to build own applications or as a quick solution for your business needs.

Build and connect your own tools

You work with a self-made spreadsheet for cost calculation? You have a MATLAB script for the dimensioning of a specific composite structure? Or you haven even programmed an interface to pull cost data from an ERP database? All of this can be integrated into the engidesk ecosystem without rebuilding anything. Your own tools will live side-by-side the ‘official’ engidesk composite tools – fully compatible with each other, integrated in one consistent system.




  • Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Roles and rights management

Advanced Composite Analytics Toolbox

18 €/mo

  • Linear laminate analysis
  • Non-linear laminate analysis
  • Free 30 days trial
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Additional composite tools


  • Need Advanced Analytics
  • Analyse structures, joints and much more

Sensitivity Analysis

Technical problems are mostly complex and dependencies between input and output parameters are not always obvious. The engidesk sensitivity analysis automatically variates all or selected parameters and visualises the dependencies to provides a deep understanding of your calculation at hand.

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