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Development that is fast, simple and powerful. With engidesk, you can focus on your technical problem at hand. The engidesk eco system provides easy integration and linking of Excel, .net, Matlab, fortran, etc. , easy to build dashboards, cloud collaboration, role and right management and much more.

Pre-build components

To help you getting started engidesk delivers a growing number of open source tools and applications. They can be copied, edited and used to build own applications or as a quick solution for your business needs.

Multiple interfaces

Open your Excel-, Matlab-, .net files or databases in engidesk and interconnect them with anything that is already there in the engidesk ecosystem.

Individual Dashboards

Customise your application without writing a single line of code. You can drag and drop every property of your calculations on a dashboard and add grafics, text and other elements.

Advanced Analytics

Our analytics have been designed to get informations out of your calculations or data using business intelligence best practices and latest technologies in visualisation.

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transfer Excel files to engidsk

Integrate your calculation or data knowledge easily into engidesk

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Build dashboards

Drag & drop everything you need on a dashboard

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Discover and use expert know-how

IoT implementation in production process

Build your own IoT applications

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Sell your know-how as professional software

composite dimensioning app

Analysis and design of composite structures


Voices of our customers

  • Picture Prof. Feldhusen, RWTH

    „engidesk fascinates with a user concept, that depicts working methods & procedures of engineers brilliantly in a software - Without change of paradigm. What really got me, was the very easy and intuitive expandability of the platform, that enables company/customer-specific adaptations with very little effort.“

    Prof. Jörg Feldhusen | Editor of the "Dubbel" & owner of the institute construction technology for mechanical engineering | RWTH Aachen University
  •  Picture Prof. SChröder RWTH

    "With engidesk, we have the possibility to create a "common denominator" For (even unused) institute know-how, that has accumulated over the years and decades. The opportunity to offer that know-how to the industry with a few clicks is a great new feature for any carrier of knowledge."

    Prof. Kai-Uwe Schröder | Head of the institute for structural mechanics & lightweight construction | RWTH Aachen University
  • Picture of Mr. Fischer, Inometa

    "engidesk simplifies our complex analytical calculation projects and solves various former problems at one blow. We save many expensive hours of engineering work that way. Above that, I'm convinced, that the engidesk concept will vastly contribute to the exploitation of untapped future potentials in this field."

    Dr. Oliver Fischer | Head of engineering | xperion components GmbH
  • Picture of Dr. Fischer, ALZ

    „Dank der hohen Flexibilität und Kompatibilität der engidesk Plattform war es möglich, unser historisch gewachsenes Fach- & Prozess-Know-How speziell für die Bedarfe unserer Kunden nutzbar zu machen und in eine kommerzielle Software zu überführen. Besonderes Begeisterungsmerkmal unserer Software OPLYSIS ist die intuitive Benutzerführung sowie die schnelle Kosten- und Zeit-Modellierung von Prozessketten und die Identifizierung von Einsparpotenzialen in komplexen Produktionsprozessen. Die Modularität der engidesk Infrastruktur erlaubt es uns, OPLYSIS mit weiteren Berechnungsmethoden, bspw. zur Strukturberechnung, zu koppeln und unseren Kunden so einen zusätzlichen Mehrwert zu bieten. Wir adressieren über diesen Transfereffekt neue Märkte und wahren dabei einen fairen Marktpreis.“

    Dr. Kai Fischer | Geschäftsführer | AZL Aachen GmbH

Need more information? Feel free to contact us

The current free version of engidesk includes most of the engidesk features. Differences to the full version are primarily in the number of interfaces to other software packages.
Full software support is included in the engidesk license agreement. No further costs pop up for customers. Additional features and development improvements will be part of the regular (free) updates. The engidesk newsletter frequently informs you about further developments, new tweaks and features.

The free version of engidesk includes interfaces to Excel and .NET. The full version inlcudes interfaces to more systems like Matlab or fortran. The .NET-interface however, enables additional connections to almost any system with minimum effort. Examples: ERP-systems, machine data, variuos databases like SQL, XML, etc. We strongly focus on our customer's requirements. Give us a call or shoot us a mail with your request. We'll implement fast & cost-efficient.

Once you open your files "from within" the software, engidesk creates a copy of these files. In case of expansion, combination or iteration of any engidesk tool, the copy of the original file will always be the basis. Above that, engidesk features an integrated Versioning function, being automatically used when creating engidesk tools from your calculation systems. Refined copies of original files (in the background of the operations) are also captured by the versioning mechanism.
engidesk currently „speaks“ 6 different languages:
- German
- English
- Russian
- Turkish
- Spanish
- French
Your preferred language is not among the list? Please contact us – Additional languages are quickly "learned".

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